Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yesterday I fooled around for hours with a story I wrote about my trip of a lifetime to the Amazon jungle.  Jungles and all their inhabitants have always been important to me.  It is only recently that we are learning how important they should be to all of us.

My jungle love affair is prominently evident when you visit my home. Since I can't always be in the jungle I have brought it to me.

First time visitors are struck by the variety of flora in my outside garden but some are astounded when they come inside.

Every available window is crowded with plants craning upwards from their windowsill perch or dangling downwards from swivel hooks. The living room is reserved for the tall guys like hibiscus, jasmine and bouganvillea.  The dining room is crawling with spiders! About 20 of them in three pots curtain a window and more swing from the door frame in a painted gourd pot (pictured below)....a thrift store find!  Obsessed? Who, me?

In Cuenca Ecuador a lady once told me that spider plants are called "Mala Madre". That means bad
 mother....why?...because they kick their children out of the pot she said!

But, as usual I digress. See? I warned you I was a chatterbox. I broke up the Amazon Jungle story into four bite-sized parts.  I will publish them all today so you can either carry on to the next part immediately or come back tomorrow. Your choice.

As always, your feedback is food for my soul. Thanks for visiting me.



eljovendario said...

Nice info about the spider plants. You know I don't like spider, so I don't know if I would love them. Hehe

down to earth said...

These ones don't bite! And they clean the air in your house.

Say hey...what about the cool photos of yours truly. What a sight! And to think you knew me then.