Saturday, October 10, 2009


I have been "Down to Earth" for so long that I somehow got buried. Thank the gods my friend's new blog ( One Plant At A Time" inspired me to resurrect this old blog and begin again.

It is fall here. The leaves are yellowing and falling. Life is winding down for the winter. I find this a sad time of the year. And even sadder this year with a kind neighbour, ravaged by cancer, winding down for the long sleep. Not too much older than me, this will be her last fall.

How would I feel if this were my last fall. Would I be as brave and gracious? What would I do in my last days or weeks? Would I go to Africa as I have wanted to do since I was six years old? Would I buy that new sport's car and race around town, one step ahead of the Grim Reaper.

No. I think I would stay right here, in this little place of my own where I have found the peace I sought for so long. I will go outside and breathe in the sweet acrid smell of burning leaves and look around at the damp piles of colorful leaves stirring as they snuggle down on the garden. I will take a deep breath, as if it were my last.

What would you do?


Peeoknee said...

You have released the inner breath of life once again. I have never felt the pain of an illness myself but have too watched many a close friend vanish never to hug again.
I guess I would just enjoy the warmth from those around me and know that I would never be cold again.

down to earth said...

Lovely Peeoknee. Cute name too!