Monday, September 5, 2016

It's alive!

It has been two years since I have posted anything. You wouldn't be blamed if you thought this old tree hugger had passed on. But I'm alive and hugging with a new project on the go.

Thanks to a friend in Ecuador I was recently electronically introduced to author Scarlett Braden.  She was collecting anecdotes from Ex Pats to produce a little book that could be sold to gather funds for the earthquake victims in Ecuador.  By the time word got around the book and submissions poured in the book grew into 5 books and a whole anthology was born.

I knew that somewhere in the myriad files on my computer I had many stories from ten years spent in that wonderful country.  

So I sussed them out, dusted them off and purtied them up. Of the six I submitted I was pleased to see four of them accepted.

The book, entitled Friends in Foreign Places, is due to launch on September 25th. There are some great stories from about 35 writers. Some of them are published authors and others who, like me maybe, are wannabes.

I am hoping some friends, friends of friends and maybe even some who think I stink might buy a copy.  All proceeds will go to victims of the earthquake and to another charity, Hearts of Gold Foundation.

We contributing writers don't benefit monetarily.  But if the rest of the gang feels like I do, it is a super feeling to be able to help people in need by doing what we love best - writing.

There has been a very personal gain for me in rekindling my writing fire which had just been smouldering quietly for a few years.

I learned a tiny piece of the publishing business and hope to share more stories from my life and times in the future.

I'll remind you of the launch date, how you can purchase this book, and how you can put a smile on an earthquake victim's face.

It's good to be back hugging trees again.  

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