Thursday, December 17, 2009



I recently received this clever photo in my inbox.  Now I wonder if each of us spent as much time on making some small changes in our life that would alleviate global warming as we do on sending jokes making fun of it perhaps we could find a way to slow it down.

I guess there are still some who do not believe that there is a crisis. Those would be the people who also don't believe that keeping things out of land fill by trying to recycle where possible and composting food wastes will help the cause.

And they would rather allow a tap to drip for years wasting tons (yes tons)* of water instead of going out and buying a 20 cent washer to install.  Or using a clothes dryer rather than hanging their clothes in the fresh air and sunshine. Leaving lights and appliances such as TV's, computers, printers, radios on in rooms where there are no human inhabitants. I don't know but I guess these would be the same people who protest about the high cost of their hydro bills.

They might even be the same ones who still water their lawns. That would be to soak in the weed killing poisons they just applied.  The sooner to reach all our water supplies.

But ask the people in Bolivia who have seen a mountain top glacier shrink from miles wide and  hundreds of feet deep to a small patch of slush in only a few decades.  Boo hoo where will the tourists ski now?  In addition to causing the loss of tourist dollars this inconsiderate glacier is now threatening the water supply of many villages below.

My aunt used to say, "Nothing lasts forever"  and I guess that is what is happening here. We thought we would always have plenty of fresh water and whales and elephants and rhubarb without any thought as to our role as stewards.

Creationists believe we were given dominion over the animals. I won't get into a debate here about who or what may have been responsible for this gross error in judgment  but rather say, for those who believe that man is superior to the beasts of the field then with superiority comes responsibility for their welfare. 

Like spoiled children who are handed everything without having to lift a finger we have used it all up and looked for more. But what if one day the larder was bare?

Evolutionists could say that it is the natural order of things just ticking along.

I am not going to argue with either one. Because no matter who is right we have been far too casual about our natural resources for far too long. If we expected that someone else would come along and fix the mess we "stewards" made that someone must be busy because they have not appeared.

Now when the resources are almost gone we are still denying there is a problem.

If you care about this sort of thing check out this link for all kinds of information

Wake up people!

Author's Note:

A reader has commented (see full text in comments below) that he does not believe that MAN (his emphasis) created this crisis. He seems to believe it to be a natural phenomenon.  Whoa! Is he blaming it on a WOMAN; Mother Nature perhaps? 

Unlike him arguing with mine, I will not argue with his position since being a woman I am naturally biased.

I do however stand firmly by my assertions that we are shirking our responsibility to use our resources with care.

Like Pete Seeger said:

One man's hands can't tear a prison down,

Two men's hands can't tear a prison down,

But if one and two and fifty make a million,

We'll see that day come round,

We'll see that day come round.

This "many hands" theory can apply to anything so take some action no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.  You may not save the world from global warming but you will save some resources and save yourself a few bucks in the bargain on those hydro bills.

*Let's take one tap that drips at a rate of 1 liter in 1 hour, that's 24 liters a day, 720 liters a month, and 8,760 liters a year, almost 9 tons of water.  And that is just ONE tap.


Jerry Pat Bolton said...

Global warming is not MAN made, my friend. It is the natural ebb and flow of the earth's surface, and has been going on for centuries, long before AlGore . . .

down to earth said...

Does my friend Jerry Pat think it is WOMAN made?

Although this may come as a shock to you Jerry, I must agree that none of us really knows whether it is our doing or just Mother's way of rearranging the furniture.

But regardless of whether it is made my man, woman or Mother I stand by what I said about stewardship of our resources. There is no excuse for wasting what was given to us.